US Olympic athletes return from 1936 Berlin Olympic Games

US Olympic AthletesUS Olympic athletes return from 1936 Berlin Olympic Games

A ticker tape parade was held September 3, 1936 to honor the US Olympic athletes upon their return from the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. This was a notable Games because the Nazi party had recently come to power in the host country Germany. The Nazis at first prohibited Jews and blacks from participating, but repealed these restrictions when many countries threatened to pull out of the Games altogether. While it’s never a great idea to use Wikipedia as a sole source of information, the Wiki page here about the 1936 Berlin Games does offer quite a bit of insight. As far as we can tell from our exhaustive search of Wikipedia Olympics entries, the 1936 Berlin games were the only games in which the Nazi flag flew instead of the German flag- a testament to that tumultuous time in world history. Interestingly, Germany (and fellow Axis power Japan) were not invited to participate in the next Olympic Games held in 1948, returning to the Games only in 1952 after a 16-year absence.

Click here to view a map indicating the locations of the markers commemorating the various ticker tape parades held for Olympians.