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Statue of Liberty Dedication in 1886

statue of libertyThe very first ticker tape parade: the dedication of the Statue of Liberty

This parade took place October 28, 1886 to celebrate the dedication of the Statue of Liberty, which was a gift from France. Read more about the Statue of Liberty here.

Click here to view a map indicating the location of this very special ticker tape parade marker.

This marker is located on the sidewalk outside of 1 Broadway, New York, NY, USA. What a great address! If you want to stand in a place of great historical significance, come down to 1 Broadway. You are standing in one of the oldest inhabited parts of New York City. The location of the old Fort Amsterdam was a stone’s throw away, and the green space nearby now known as Bowling Green was already in existence… in the form of a cow pasture.

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Nelson Mandela ticker tape parade

Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela, Leader of African National Congress

Nelson Mandela (July 18, 1918 – Dec 5, 2013) was honored with a ticker tape parade in NYC on June 20, 1990 for his role as the leader of the African National Congress.

Click here to view a map indicating the location of the ticker tape parade marker commemorating Nelson Mandela’s parade.