Ticker Machines

Ticker Machine from the 1930s

A ticker Machine from the 1930s


Ticker Machine from the 1960s

A ticker machine from the 1960s

What is a Ticker Machine?

Ticker machines were used to communicate stock prices from 1867 until around the 1970s, when they were phased out. They operated over a period of 100 years on Wall Street and around the world. The style of these machines developed and changed frequently. By the 1930s, the styling was updated with the then-popular art deco style. In the 1930s, architecture, automobiles, locomotives and appliances all sported the art deco style. The utilitarian stock ticker machine took on the design sensibilities of the era. By the 1960s, the machine age had dawned. Many small machines devolved in a somewhat less attractive and basic style. The machine pictured above from the 1960s typifies design of the decade.

These old machines were once the lifeblood of Wall Street, but they have now been relegated to back rooms and museums. What was once an essential machine that drove Wall Street has been replaced by the computer, where an endless array of trading data is available to anyone, at any time, in an instant. Let us not forget our humble origins and the beauty of the antique ticker machine!


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